Washable and Reversible Adjustable Elastic Face Mask With Filter and Pocket and with Nosepiece 4 Layers Adult Children Womens


Sizing information.
Please note: A suggestion I picked up from my customers is order with friends. Whichever sizes fit your friends, they keep and you keep the others. Just a quick fix if you don't have time to measure!

This is not the measurement of the mask but the measurement of what your face is across. See below.
XS: 8 3/4"
Small: 9"
Medium: 9.5"
Large: 10"

Now please read below. Also most people are not an XS or Large. Most women are either smalls or mediums. If you like a tight fit keep in mind this is not measured to be fit TIGHT. Everyone wears masks differently and it is extremely subjective. Sizes:
Measure from the middle of the front of your ear over to the other ear by going over the middle of your nose (the bridge on top). Then subtract 2.5" from this number. This will not be an exact fit but it will be close. If you are in between sizes then please size up. Elastic is made to be a little slightly loose and not tight.
In each order I include toggles to adjust elastic AND a free mask extender that fits around the back of your head. This allows you the option of either a) wearing the mask of your ears without the toggles on the elastic to adjust
b) wearing the mask with the toggles on your ears or c) wearing the mask with the mask extender as shown in photos so that it goes around the back of your head. This makes it much less stressful on your ears for those who wear masks for 8 hours a day! Please email if you have questions at all. Handmade Reversible Face Mask with Filter High Quality. Extremely Soft and Comfortable to Wear!

Made from FOUR LAYERS of tightly woven lightweight pima cotton high-quality cotton washable fabrics.

Choose the number you would like. Note these are double sided so the second set of photos is the reverse of the first photo thus the reason the same numbers are used.

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