Alexa Party Hat Pattern


Alexa Party Hat
In planning for my soon to be 6 year old's birthday party this year, I really wanted to create a party hat for her that would win her over. She is in every essence a girly girl! Needless to say I found her soon after in the mirror trying on her hat eyes aglow and feeling like the princess she is!

The silhouette is sold separately as a party printable through TomKat Studio on etsy.

The Alexa Party Hat pattern does not require even a stitch of sewing! It is made entirely with glue. Beautiful enough to be made for Christmas festivities to top off a Christmas tree or for Thankgsiving on the mantle! This isn't just a party is much, much more! These would be absolutely adorable as cake toppers or centerpieces for any party!

Learn to make in very simple easy to follow steps with lots of photographs all within this one pattern:

Crepe paper flowers
Paper Accordion flowers
Tissue paper fringe garland
Pattern includes a template for your hat and the printable "Queen of Glamorous" banner as well as several more phrases for your other guests and one blank banner so you can include the phrase of your choice.

I LOVE this pattern because:

No sewing
Would make really sweet party favors for little girls
Would be a fabulous, unique Christmas tree topper
FUN and SO easy to make!
25 pages of concise, step-by-step instructions and illustrated photos make this absolutely beginner friendly for any level of crafter. Anyone can make these!


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