About Me


I'm a children's pattern designer and special occasion dress designer. 

I was raised on a farm in central Texas, only half a mile from my grandmother's house.  My mom and my grandmother (my father's mother) worked with their hands to create the beauty that adorned the walls, beds, and tabletops of their homes.  One tap on my grandmother's door after a long walk as a child down an unpaved, gravel country road, would beckon Lucille to answer, pulling back the screen door, always so happy to see me.  As I walked into and through her small century old home, light peeking through the old windows would shine like a kaleidoscope on the current patchwork quilt on the frame in her bedroom being worked by hand, all of the shapes and colors piecing together, being woven into something beautiful and practical.  I'm lucky enough to own one of her hand stitched quilts.   Even though it is far from the most beautiful quilt she ever made and it is created from 1970 clothing scraps (hello polyester pants!), I treasure this quilt because in her incredibly detailed hand piecing and binding I see her, feel her close.  Being blanketed in her life's work on a chilly day causes me to reflect upon why she loved hand quilting especially since her arthritic hands and enlarged achy knuckles didn't stitch as nimble as they once had.  Quilting was her consistent expression of love despite life's hardships and heartaches such as the loss of her husband when I was 8 and my father when I was 17.  Needle in...needle out..life would go on in love no matter what.  

She loved to share her love of quilting with her family and her cold natured limbs adored sharing the necessity of the warmth of a quilt.  In sharp contrast from my grandmother, the clothes and doll clothing I create for my girls won't necessarily keep them warm and isn't practical.  I adore creating special occasion items for my girls and their dolls out of unique materials gathered from fairs, antique stores, and high quality fabric stores that inspire my children to dance, twirl, pretend, and celebrate.   My heart, my soul, is woven into these handmade items that they have tucked away in their closets and hung up in their doll house.  Running my hands over the fabrics, the placement, the techniques from projects past in their trunks and closets, brings back waves of sweet beautiful memories.  Needle in...needle out...

How did I learn to sew?  I didn't ever ask my grandmother to teach me to sew although I wish I would have.  I am self taught, but have had many mentors over the years.  I've learned so much from my own personal research through the internet, the local quilting shops and ladies there, the dressmaking shop owners and knowledgable staff, and through reading every sewing book I could get my hands on.  I have a lot of women that I admire and here are just a few of them.  These ladies labor furiously away with heart, light, and love consistently taking chances, blazing a path for women everywhere.    

Anna Maria Horner

Natalie Chanin

Please contact me by email at Snazziedrawers@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.  


Joy Forrest-Stallard