Find Me Under The Palms


Our family has a simple tradition on vacation that my girls get a new t-shirt every time.  This is a shirt that they seek out for days looking for the perfect ones.  Sometimes though it is really hard to find a cute, age appropriate tee on our trips that actually has the destination on it.  So thus my concept here to create a destination option on my tees that allows you to purchase your tee before you go on a trip.  You can customize it so you can have matching or not with your family for photos.  I know my oldest daughter (now 12) has quite a few tees in her stash she plans on making a t-shirt quilt out of when she graduates to take to college with her.  


Ivy and Hive tees are meant to be worn a little oversized and not fitted because here in the south that is the style.  However if you have any questions about sizing please email us and we will help ensure you get the fit you are looking for!

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Type: Shirt

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